The rise of social media and how SmartPlacesProtocol plans to build on it

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Worldwide communication between humans without social media became unimaginable. We have plenty of options to contact to connect with people all over the world. An estimated 3.6 billion people use social media on a daily basis which is about 45% of the world´s population. This number is
expected to go up to 5.2 billion in 2025. Consumers spend up to 3 hours per day on those platforms!

The application possibilities are as diverse as their users ranging from entertainment, messaging, business, self-expression, community building to news and product information.
Convenience and the possibility to keep in touch with many persons at the same time are just a few advantages.
But this convenience comes with a price: You pay with personal information. A large part of users is not even aware of that. This data is used mainly for advertising purposes. The worldwide social media advertising segment is projected to reach roughly 154 billion US-Dollar in 2021.
Big companies like Facebook hold this sensitive data about every user on their servers. Information centralization leads to data monopolies and those are prone for attack from outside or abuse from within as the Cambridge Analytica incident just recently showed.

Therefore, one of the main goals of our SmartPlacesProtocol app is to protect your privacy!

You don’t need to create a personalized profile in to benefit from all the advantages. You can determine what is shown online and how long you are visible. No personal data will be stored permanently on servers. The necessary data for usability will be on the blockchain. Ads are only directed to you based on your preferences that you define for yourself and your current location.
A survey in the US and UK revealed that about 20% of social media users deactivated their accounts temporarily or permanently due to several reasons. Feeling disconnected, wanting to spend more time offline and concerns about their personal data were among them. This is the perfect starting
point for SPP and we can capture those people and change their mindset about social media.
Unfortunately the Corona pandemic forced us to practice social distancing. The negative effects are already noticeable. High levels of stress, anxiety and livelihood concerns but less opportunities to relieve that stress. Surveys revealed that some people want to keep maintaining social distancing
even after the pandemic. In combination with the scientific fact that conventional social media is distancing people in real life more than connecting them, we feel the urge to do something about
At SPP, we want people to resume more social activities and encourage spontaneous contact. We believe that making new contacts and creating more opportunities to meet people are crucial for
mental health. The pandemic was especially harsh for the local businesses. Many small shops had to close down and many of their owners lost their hard earned independence. Global retail sales dropped in 2020 from
26.4 trillion to 23.6 trillion US-Dollar. Smart Places Protocol can capitalize on the expected growth after the pandemic and help local shops recuperate from the lost opportunities. Many people still
value to get sales advice from a real person and enjoy traditional shopping in physical stores.

Targeted ads from shops and services around you are much more likely to arouse your interest since the focus of the SPP app is to connect you to people and activities near your location. 193 billion US- Dollar of total ad spending will be generated through mobile in 2025 so the advertising potential for
SPP is huge.
As you can see, the conditions for social media evolution are perfect. Let’s explore together the advantages that blockchain technology offers its users.

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