We happily introduce to you our first partnership with the multi-faceted DeFi platform Octaplex with many more to come. Their network could lead to potential collaborations in different areas.

#Octaplex #SocialToken

About Octaplex Network

Octaplex Network was created with the vision of creating a safe space connecting multiple projects, communities and individuals into…

Why you should consider ‘SMARTEES’ as the real social token

#ANewSocialWorld #Blockchain #SocialToken #SMARTEES

Imagine a technology solution which enables and rewards instant socializing and connects people in real life situations.

What is the idea behind this?

We believe that people are ever longing for authentic emotions and experiences in…

(“Away from the ‘Facebook’ Ecosystem, towards a decentralized ‘Social’ Ecosystem”)

#ANewSocialWorld #Blockchain #SmartPlacesToken #SocialToken

Online platforms connecting millions of people have become the biggest companies in the world. They have been very successful in creating huge networks that bring people together.

However, there are a few flaws in this process (model), namely decreasing authentic content, increasing fakes and scams which…

SmartPlaces Protocol

Towards A Decentralized Social Ecosystem With Power To The People | smartplacesprotocol.io | #ANewSocialWorld

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