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2 min readOct 12, 2021


We happily introduce to you our first partnership with the multi-faceted DeFi platform Octaplex with many more to come. Their network could lead to potential collaborations in different areas.

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About Octaplex Network

Octaplex Network was created with the vision of creating a safe space connecting multiple projects, communities and individuals into an online network of sharing and growth!

Their plans for the future are backed by a unique yield rewarding system, connecting several projects into an inclusive ecosystem. Its foundation is built upon complex tokenomics which incorporate several functions including buyback & burn as well as a reward system with multiple choosable tokens.

Octaplex aims to pave the way for the future of defi, built on the principles of mutual support & cooperation, while connecting different blockhains into a unified interoperable network.

Learn more about Octaplex Network:

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About Smart Places Protocol

Smart Places Protocol is a technology solution which enables and rewards instant socializing and connects people in real life situations.

We believe that people are ever longing for authentic emotions and experiences in real-life situations, that is emotions and experiences which can not be experienced online. There are many situations in life where we meet people who may be strangers to us but who we might consider to be interesting. Everybody knows these situations when we wish to just have an opportunity to get to know a specific person.

For these opportunities and situations, online-platforms like Facebook and Instagram have only suboptimal solutions as their business purpose is to participate from a huge online community.

Users conducting social interactions at a SmartPlace receive ‘SMARTEE’ tokens as a reward. By that, we encourage people to start social interactions with others in real life. As more people participate, the easier it will be for all of us to break down social barriers and get to know interesting people around us.

In addition to the increase in value of the tokens, liquidity comes into the SmartPlaces ecosystem from other sources. Our SmartPlaces partners, e.g. restaurants, bars, clubs etc. can place advertisements via our campaign managers. Even NGOs can promote social challenges and reward social interactions. Furthermore, users can have NFTs created or purchased or just trade them. These activities also have an impact on the burn rate.

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Smart Places

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