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What if someone could read your mind? Or you could read the minds of others? A strange idea, isn’t it?

But what if you were free to decide whether someone could read your mind? Maybe you even sometimes want to share what you think or wish in a certain moment? Maybe to find like-minded people. Maybe to have fun. Or just because it would be exciting.

Imagine for a moment that it’s summer and you’re at the park with your best friends:

The weather is nice, the park is full of people. The mood is great and you’re in the mood for a soccer game. Unfortunately, only three of your friends are about to kick a few balls — the fourth player is missing!

And it gets even worse! Your girlfriend is so thirsty, but you have nothing left to drink. Even though you texted her before, she forgot to bring anything. The park is big and the nearest kiosk is 20 minutes away.

From the outside, that’s not really a problem, is it?

In this crowded park, there’s very likely someone who will immediately jump in as a fourth player. And as for your friend’s thirst: many a person in the park would certainly trade a bottle of water or a beer for a little money or maybe just a smile on the spot. Because people are actually helpful and outgoing. And most of the time even funny.

So what’s your problem now?

Exactly. You don’t know who’s up for a soccer game or who you can get a drink from for your girlfriend. Because, as said before, we can’t yet read people’s minds and look into their heads. Although we are actually helpful and outgoing, we often don’t like to approach complete strangers and ask them if they want to play soccer with us or give us water or beer.

Doesn’t your smartphone help you with that?

Sure, you can use it to text or connect with people anytime, anywhere in the world — but you won’t find a fourth player or something to drink that way.

Smart Places changes that!

Start our app, share your thoughts and wishes — done!

Only the people around you can see your message. And only for a short time. You also decide if others can write to you or if you prefer to choose yourself what you find interesting. So you have full control that others can “read your mind”, but you still remain free ;)

“We’re three guys looking for someone to kick. If you’re able to hit the ball, get in touch ;D “

“Anyone have a bottle of water to spare? I’ll pay any price ;)”

Or just find out what engages and interests those around you. The possibilities are as varied as the places and people you hang out with.

If you like a thought or message or want to connect with someone, just give a Like or send emojis and gifs.

You like it a bit more individual? With NFTs from our store, which will be integrated into the app, you can show off your unique flavor with messages.

If you’re creative, you can even create, share and sell your own NFTs!

So what are Smart Places again?

We simply call places like our park Smart Places. Places like this — Smart Places — are places where people happen to be at the same time and can now connect through our app to have a more enjoyable time than they would on their own.

SmartPlaces can be anywhere, not just in the park: on the way to work on the train or in the supermarket. At work in a coworking space or on your lunch break. Or in your free time at the gym, at the movies, or in bars and clubs.

The sky’s the limit — our app makes it much easier to connect with exciting people, no matter where you are.

And here’s the best part:

Smart Places rewards all social interactions with tokens! Whether you start the app, share your thoughts, or like other thoughts, SmartPlaces always rewards you with SMARTEE tokens!!!!

As always, the more active you are and the more likes you share or get, the more Smartees you get as a reward. With more Smartees, you can unlock more features in the app and get gifts, for example.

Our Smartees are valuable — and they will become even more valuable☺.

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