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2 min readNov 7, 2021


Even though Covid has slowed us down a bit, one thing is undeniable: These days we travel a lot! We explore faraway countries and meet new people there. But when it comes to our neighborhood, sometimes we don’t even know the name of the people next door.

Wouldn’t it be super interesting to get to know them a little better? And get in touch with them — but only as much as and in a way you like?

Or maybe you just want to meet new people because you moved to or live in a different city? We all know that sometimes it can be very difficult to get in touch with new people.It’s very easy to feel lonely, even when you’re in the midst of people. Especially in this age of omnipresent social media, which is often not very social because it distances people even more.

With SmartPlacesProtocol it will be much easier for you! We’ve created a solution that makes it much more easy to (re)connect with people in your neighborhood:

Are you looking for a jogging partner? Maybe a neighbor has the drilling Maschine you need right now. Want to try that new restaurant tonight and would love someone to go with you? It’s Friday night and you want to go to that great new club around the corner, but none of your friends have time? If you’re looking for playmates for your kids or dogs, it’s convenient to have them right around the corner. Or maybe you want to share your photography skills with others who are also interested in art?

The possibilities are as varied as the interests and needs of the people in your neighborhood. You may even find that entirely new things emerge as you (re-)connect with those around you.

With a little luck, there’s a SmartPlacesPartner near you, too. This partner could have interesting and limited-time offers, more attractive prices or socially unique events in store for you.

Even if fulfilling and rich social experiences are great things in themselves, you can earn on top Smartees — our native token. We reward you when you connect with others or bring new people, and therefore opportunities, to the SmartPlaces protocol.

So why not explore the neighborhood where you live?! Take advantage of attractive offers, intensify your favorite social activities or try something completely new: The only limit is your creativity! Start to take a look around your neighborhood today and instantly connect with all the great people in your area!

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