SmartPlaces $SPX Official Launch on 4th of April 2024

2 min readMar 29, 2024


Get ready for the next big thing on Cardano. SmartPlaces is gearing up for the launch of $SPX tokens through a dazzling Liquidity Bootstrapping Event (LBE) on April 4th, 2024. We offer the Cardano community an equal shot to dive into the SmartPlaces ecosystem. Here’s what you need to know about our official token launch.

The $SPX LBE is coming
The Cardano Native Token $SPX will be launched on the Minswap Launch bowl on April 4th, 2024, starting 3:00 am UTC. You can count on the Liquidity Bootstrapping Event (LBE) to span over 4 days, providing plenty of opportunities for everyone to dive into the excitement of the launch.

Token Supply: 15% of the total supply (30 billion $SPX )
Distribution of this 15%:
• 70% available for the Dex Liquidity Pool
• 30% exclusively allocated to LBE Farmers with the NFT for Boosted Farming

Minswap Launch Bowl
Get in on the action by depositing $ADA on the $SPX tokens’ MinswapDEX Launch Bowl. Here’s the scoop: withdrawals are free for the first 72 hours. But keep in mind, after this initial period, a 20% withdrawal fee will be in place to prevent market manipulation.

Inclusive Participation
This launch is open to all! No KYC needed. Feel free to deposit without any maximum cap.

Benefits to LBE Participants
• Triple Farming (ADA + SPX + MIN) for Farming Boost NFT Holders.
• Boosting NFT for LBE Participants Liquidity Providers.
• 30% of the $SPX supplied to the LBE is allocated and reserved for Farming.

Goals of the Event
The LBE has a minimum fundraising target of 2,800,000 ADA. The event wraps up either at the end of the 4 days or when we hit the maximum 7,500,000 ADA goal.

Why a LBE ?
A LBE makes the token launch process fair for everyone regardless of the size of their portfolio. This standard facilitates fair price discovery, safeguards the reputation of new projects, prevents bot manipulation, deters price manipulation by whales, and offers a wide distribution of tokens.

Check our Launch Bowl on Minswap here.

Check our SmartPaper here.
Check the $SPX tokenomics here.

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