Smart Places Protocol forms strategic partnership with community-sourced blockchain marketing expertise from UFOstart

3 min readJan 6, 2022

Marketing a blockchain project is a complex and demanding task. One faces several challenges, such as a global and diverse audience with a wide range of interests and a confusing set of potential marketing channels. In addition, there is the not always easy task of educating users about the endless new possibilities of blockchain technology. To successfully manage all this, you need to know your target audience very well and develop a suitable market entry strategy.

That’s why Smart Places Protocol — the first “connect-to-earn” social token — is pleased to announce its strategic partnership with UFOstart. UFOstart is an international community of independent marketers, product managers and developers. They all share a passion for blockchain and web3 technologies as well as digital marketing. Since their founding in 2013, they have quickly become a force in blockchain marketing strategy consulting.

UFOstart provides strategic consulting to Smart Places Protocol’s experienced and skilled internal marketing and community building team. This includes, but is not limited to, advising on how to develop and implement a successful global marketing strategy to further Smart Places Protocol’s grand vision: the next level of socializing. With data-driven and AI-based analytics and their expertise, UFOstart supports sustainable and organic growth — a key cornerstone of Smart Places Protocol.

“We are very excited to partner with UFOstart. We see this as a great opportunity for our project. I have known Lars from UFOstart for years and find especially the data-driven and community-sourced approach very exciting and useful. Great to have them on board,” said Hung Luu, co-founder Smart Places Protocol.

Next level social media with “connect-to-earn”

Smart Place Protocol is one of the first “connect-to-earn” social token in the cryptospace. Their mission is to provide users with a new way of social interaction, powered by the advantages of blockchain technology combined and the best of “traditional” social media. For this purpose, the project is building a decentralized, blockchain-based social ecosystem. Users of the project can more easily satisfy their individual and immediate social needs. As a result, Smart Places Protocol helps to (re-)connect people in real life and be a true social media platform.

To achieve this, SPP provides a new way for people to communicate with their immediate environment, such as so-called smart places. The amount of information available to people about their immediate social environment is increased — while protecting their privacy. Through rewards, the project creates incentives for people to use this information and opportunities to communicate and connect with others.

UFOstart co-founder Lars Schulze joins Smart Places Protocol

The internal marketing and community building team is excited to welcome Lars as a key marketing advisor. Lars is a great addition to the team with his years of experience in online marketing and blockchain technology. With his wealth of experience and knowledge, he will help Smart Places Protocol get the most out of their marketing efforts. One of the most important steps will be the implementation of the community-supported, data-driven and AI-based custom marking strategy.

“Having known Hung and Björn for few years, I was immediately excited when they asked UFOstart to support their project. The Smart Places Protocol truly has immense potential for us — it takes social media to a whole new level and revolutionizes its use from the ground up. We’re excited to be able to contribute to this great project,” said Lars Schulze, co-founder of UFOstart.

In return, Smart Places Protocol opens up the yet-to-be-developed social media universe on the blockchain for UFOstart. The “connect-to-earn” project provides insights and learnings for this market — a market with massive potential, considering the market volume of “traditional” social media! This very clearly indicates: It will be a huge and very important future market.




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