SmartPlaces is partnering with IAMX to make identity available to users around the world

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SmartPlaces is partnering with IAMX to make identity available to users around the world

In line with our partnership announcement with Ocean Protocol, we are proud to announce another fundamental partnership with IAMX — a global player and pioneer in the fields of SSI identity. With both partners, SmartPlaces lays the foundation to fulfill its high ambitions and big vision.

SmartPlaces Protocol’s vision is to enable users to own and seize one of their most valuable assets: their identity. By introducing an innovative NFT-identity label (“Smartee ID”), users can be verified as real people in the future Metaverse. Based on the benefits of blockchain technology, SmartPlaces enables and incentivizes users to interact and connect in real-world situations with other users. This is considered as a proof that the users are real people and leads to obtaining the Smartee ID.
Therefore, SmartPlaces Protocol developed a geolocation-based mobile application which will be launched later this year.

IAMX, as a strategic partner, has its business background in mobile telecommunications and has partnerships around the world. IAMX connects 750 million users across 49 telco partners with more than 700 use-cases from Fortune 1,000 companies. Based on a tokenized SSI identity system, IAMX has developed a customer mass onboarding terminal which is a gateway to convert credentials from the real world such as state issued documents. IAMX finally delivers a 1CLICK fulfillment that allows users to save time and money with maximum convenience.

As SmartPlaces Protocols mobile application is also based on a 1-click approach and delivers identity attributes through its validation that users are real, both sides massively benefit from this partnership. Smartplaces Protocol contributes through allowing their socialized-oriented users access to IAMX identity credentials and therefore enabling IAMX uses-cases in countries and areas with low identity access. IAMX contributes through giving SmartPlaces Protocol and their users access to high-end identity solutions and supporting SmartPlaces protocol app to be available in approximately 40 countries.

Tim Brückmann, CMO of IAMX:

With a decentralized identity, you are able to buy everything with 1-Click, access things, prove your identity, vote and cross borders with your biometrics.

Without a decentralized identity, there is no ownership, no economic progress, no prosperity, no legally binding actions.

If a person has no identity, this person can be also defined as undocumented, unconnected and unbanked. This leads to a loss of prosperity or it becomes clearly evident with increasing documentation that the quality-of-life increases.

Today’s world has a huge identity problem. Billions of people have no Identity (verification), in particular, women in low income countries, million children have no birth certificate. But without identity, these people have no access to fundamental needs and services. SmartPlaces Protocol with its unique NFT-identity-label and its big potential of connecting people in all parts of the world can give them seamless access to our identity solutions and deliver valuable additional identity attributes.

Hung Luu, CEO of SmartPlaces Protocol:

Our vision is to make identity available to everyone in the world. The SmartPlaces identity label is made BY people FOR people. We combine the benefits of blockchain with the origin power of people and bring them together in real-life situations so that people can contribute to their identity themselves. IAMXs as a global player with its identity-driven technology and its wide network of telco partners worldwide fits perfectly with the SmartPlaces protocol vision to make every place in the world a SmartPlace.

About IAMX

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IAMX is a token based SSI identity and authentication system that enables legally binding actions in 1Click-Fuflillment and provides biometric identity on state level. Proof of Concept has been presented to a German telecommunications company. Our business background is mobile telecommunication. We are a real-world, live business case.

About SmartPlaces Protocol

SmartPlaces Protocols mission is to give users access to the most valuable assets people own: Identity and ownership of their data. SmartPlacesProtocol introduces the NFT identity label “Smartee ID” based on social interaction between users in real life. Thereby SmartPlaces Protocol unlocks the potential as a seamlessly available identity standard. This makes the potential of a seamless identity standard available to a broad audience. Beyond real-world use cases, SmartPlaces Protocol covers challenges in the future metaverse and intends to define a new standard for trust.



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