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2 min readJun 30, 2022
Smart Places x Mandala Partnership

Smart Places is dedicated to decentralize social media and empower users with full data ownership. In our quest to do so, we’re excited to partner up with Mandala, which shares similar values about decentralization and digital ownership.

Mandala is a cross-media franchise with an experienced and dedicated team, including the Executive Producer of the ground-breaking “The Blair Witch Project”, one of the most successful independent films of all time.

Mandala leverages and promotes the intersection of entertainment, technology, and self-transformation via gaming, TV, graphic novels, and crypto — which all creatively converge with the real world.

A multichain metaverse, Mandala’s Enlightenment Simulator is both the combination of its parts and playable as discrete elements:

The Mandala Multiverse will contain an MMO, mobile game, AR, & VR.

Meta in Metaverse

Bringing the meta to the Metaverse, Mandala’s creative universe is vast and provides endless content, but its story is also relevant to the age and world in which we live, driving the audience to “wake up.” Mandala originated from the need to create stories that truly affect us in a persistent and meaningful way, not just during the entertainment experience. Remember the feeling of realization provoked by The Matrix, but then flip that story — rather than presenting this world as illusion and reality as a dystopian future, in Mandala the “red pill” awakens the audience to the potential to shift things here and now, in this reality, for real. There has never been a more urgent time for humanity to wake up and become heroes. Mandala contains the architecture and the vehicle for them to engage — a Metaverse to Nirvana.

Mandala comic series (future utility in MMO), drawn from the extensive collection of published art from the impressive Dark Horse comics brand.

The partnership

Smart Places is utilizing Augmented Reality (AR) and geolocation to open the door between the real world and metaverses. Characters and others will be able to cross from the blockchain and out in the real world.
What is real and what is not?

Exit the Matrix. Enter the Mandala.

More to come!


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