Smart Places partners with Advanced Store!

2 min readApr 28, 2022

Smart Places is partnering with Advanced Store to give users access to various attractive offers from more than 50,000 international advertisers from all industries and brands including stores like Adidas, Nike, Microsoft, Samsung, Coinbase,, Expedia, eBay, Vodafone, Amazon, AliExpress, Ikea, and 50.000 more.

Smart Places is a social ecosystem that rewards users for connecting and interacting. By implementing “Connect2Earn” users can earn rewards from connecting and interacting in the ecosystem. With Smart Places, users finally get a chance to monetize their data. In traditional social platforms, all revenue from data monetization goes to the platform itself. By utilizing blockchain technology, data will be monetized in a decentralized zero-knowledge environment.

Users can turn on and off ads at any time. Those who display ads and interact with them, will be rewarded by the ecosystem. By utilizing blockchain technology, data will be monetized in a decentralized zero-knowledge environment.

Founded in 2008, Advanced Store is one of the largest mobile advertising companies and is active worldwide on all five continents counting more than 100 million advertisements every day. Advanced store provides to the market CPO-based solutions around Performance Advertising and has successfully established itself as a technological interface between advertisers and publishers worldwide.

The partnership with Advanced Store gives Smart Places access to their huge advertiser pool. Based on the API access, Smart Places have direct access to affiliate links from the advertiser of choice and can place them in content, in particular on the land-plots and within the Smart Places ecosystem. It is important for Smart Places that we have the power on how we can display ads in a way that only elevates the user experience. Land plot owners will receive more info about this at a later stage.

This allows Smart Places to offer premium conditions of the advertisers for their users and to also make these offers available at preferable places or locations which creates unique opportunities for both the users and advertisers. Advanced Store benefits from additional distribution opportunities for affiliate based ads and marketing within the Smart Places ecosystem, including their land-plot-website and their mobile-application for iOS and Android.

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