‘Smart Places’ NFT virtual land-plots

3 min readMar 14, 2022

As you might have noticed, our project is all about Smart Places. It’s the main term of our vision, project and our entire business model.

So what are Smart Places?

Smart Places are real world locations where people come together and spend time for whatever reason — regardless of whether they know each other or not. Smart Places are typically popular places in cities like landmarks, crowded parks, bars, restaurants, clubs, gyms, airports, etc.

These Smart Places are the center point of our whole project:

At Smart Places, we connect people and allow them to make their thoughts and needs visible for others around them. There, users can earn tokens (Connect2Earn) by activating the app and connecting with others. At these Smart Places, users can receive airdrops or vouchers from locals, like bars and/or restaurants.

Smart Places are not only interesting from users point of view, but also for businesses located in these Smart Places. Imagine you got a store in a busy street or even in a shopping mall. Smart Places gives your business the opportunity to reach the right buyers at the right time.

Smart Places are the melting pot for both real-life social interactions between people and virtual goods like advertisement, data monetization and airdrops.

Each Smart Place is unique. Each Smart Place bears unique opportunities.

Smart Places as land-plots?

Imagine one of these Smart Places, let’s say the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Full of people, full of potentials for users and businesses. What if you could hold this unique virtual Smart Place as a unique land-plot with all its attractiveness for users and companies?

That’s exactly what we’re working on!

We make Smart Places available in a very unique manner. We divide the entire world into real world land-plots (hexagons). Each land-plot has unique coordinates which represent the very specific and unique location.

If you could choose: Which land-plot would you pick?

Is it the most popular sightseeing spot in one of the world’s capitals?

Would you choose a place, the “hidden champion” in your city, that not everyone knows about and is very popular, with potentially a lot of social interactions per day?

So what are the best Smart Places?

The answer depends on the specific goals and intentions of each user. For some users it might be preferable to hold a famous or very popular place. For other users it’s more important which opportunities the land-plot offers.

Here are some criteria that we recommend to take into account when it comes to the attractiveness of a Smart Place:

  • How popular is the specific place in real-life?
  • Is the place generally crowded or just at specific times?
  • Are there very popular places nearby that might lead to more visitors?
  • Is there potential for social interactions between users?

Since our project is all about social interactions in real-life, popular and busy places where people spend time have great potential for a beneficial Smart Place land-plot.

This leads us to the next question: What are the benefits and utilities of owning a Smart Place land-plot?

Holders of Smart Places land-plots benefit from social interactions that happen on their Smart Place (land plot). The more social interactions, the higher the rewards for the land-plot holder.

How do I choose my Smart Place?

There are more than 33 bn. land plots in total, but it won’t be more than 80.000 Smart Places NFTs. Before you mint, you can choose your Smart Places on our website — given that these aren’t already claimed by other users. After choosing your favorite spots, you can start the minting process directly on our website and receive your NFT(s) straight away in your wallet.
It is also possible to choose randomized spots from the big cities. These are not reserved, but check for available spots in the big cities

In a later stage, users also will be able to swap their land-plots through burning their NFTs and creating a new one. The world changes over time and a Smart Place today doesn’t need to be a Smart Place tomorrow. That’s why we have given people the option to change.

We’ll keep you informed with further information about this great project!

PS: Join our Discord to receive airdrops as the community grows towards the mint in April!

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