Sharing knowledge and finding like-minded people

Have you ever experienced being stuck while learning for your next test or exam? You are sitting alone in the library for hours but you just don´t understand the subject matter at all?

Maybe you just need a little break. A little small talk with nice people or exchange about the learning material. However, no one you know has time or is nearby?

The good thing is — you are not alone!

University is a busy place and there are many who feel exactly like you. But how do you find someone for a little chat or who might help you with your homework or explains the subject from yesterday´s lesson? How to find some like-minded students for a coffee and talk about off topic things just to get a clear head before you jump into the next studying session?

A lot of people rush around the campus, eat out in the cafeteria, learning in the library or relaxing in the green. Walking around asking random people you don’t know at all is obviously not very effective, and for many, not very pleasant.

So how can you effectively find the right people?

Using our app helps you to find the person for the exact matter you are looking right around you. Imagine you could find your own tutor amongst students even if they are not in your semester. Somebody who might can help you understand complicated topics like higher mathematics e.g. when nobody else is in reach to help you.

There are endless possibilities:

Want to discuss your recent findings of your last experiment? Just talk to other specialists from your faculty.

There is this idea for a big project lingering in your head but can´t form a team? Propose the idea with our app and persuade others to participate.

You always wanted to know if there is anybody in your school who also plays the saxophone?
Make a with request with SmartPlaces and see what happens.

Of course it could be the other way around and you could offering a helping hand for other students — because you know the hardships of university or school or you just love to share your knowledge with interested people. It is common knowledge that you learn the most when you explain something to others.

The more people are active in this social ecosystem the better it works for us all, so share it with your friends — you get rewarded.

Today´s technology should be a tool helping us to connect with each other. Many people have something to share but are afraid to approach strangers or the people around them in real life.

We want to change that. Our main goal at SmartPlaces is to encourage real life connections and rewarding the people who participate!

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