Progress update for September 2023

3 min readOct 7, 2023


We are both proud and thrilled to have received support from the Cardano Community. We secured funding in Fund 10, categorized under “Building on NMKR.”

Our proposal presents an innovative approach for businesses to draw customers using location-based incentivized NFTs. Traditional marketing methods often lacking in precision and accompanied by high costs, result in elevated user acquisition and retention expenses. Our strategy merges location-based targeting with NFT incentives, empowering businesses to effectively connect with local customers and enhance foot traffic. This approach not only elevates businesses but also provides customers with distinctive experiences linked to tangible rewards.

Picture this: You are walking in an unknown area of your city. On our map, you find a virtual coupon or loyalty card in front of a café you pass. If you grab the loyalty card, which might come with several perks, you might be able to get that fifth coffee on the house or get a special discount. It could even be a VIP membership from a nearby cinema, granting you discounts and exclusive invites to pre-release screenings or other enticing privileges. While the majority of users might be unaware they’ve just acquired an NFT, the more web3-savvy will spot the new NFT in their digital wallet.

Changing the schedule

We’re grateful to have received Catalyst Funding, but it necessitates a revision of our schedule for the upcoming six months. The proposal has a firm deadline and must be completed by Q1 of the following year. We’ve initiated the integration of this proposal into our current roadmap. However, our developers need additional time to finalize the architecture specific to the Catalyst proposal. An updated schedule will be released at the end of the month.

This proposal aligns seamlessly with our recently integrated payment gateway. Businesses can continue using familiar and integrated payment providers, while users have the flexibility to spend both $ADA and fiat currency.

Map Update

The map is in the midst of an update but remains fully functional during this time. Given its use across both desktop and mobile platforms, any modifications must be meticulously planned, tested, and tailored for all devices.

The map may occasionally experience instability, but that mainly depends on users’ mobile devices, and the majority of users should not notice any disruptions.

You now have the capability to link multiple wallets from a single provider. If you possess several eternl wallets, they can all be linked to your account. You can manage your connected wallets by renaming them for better organization.

Affiliate Payments

We’ve completed the affiliate payments for September. This month we issue a total of 9 payments, summing up to 1685 ADA. For those interested in reaping the benefits of our Affiliate Program, and becoming a Smart Places affiliate, check out

Until next time, stay connected and stay smart!

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