Progress Update for May 2023

3 min readJun 2, 2023


May has just ended and with June the summer is officially here. After a few months with scaling and preparing the solution to handle high traffic, we’re now closing in on releasing a new infrastructure that is a much faster and scalable version of Smart Places. This makes it possible to set up the road ahead and give more clarity on timeframes.

The road ahead

We’re up for some busy months as the new faster and scalable version of Smart-Places is close to going live. We’re finally able to roll out features in a fast and steady pace as the entire ecosystem goes live in the coming months. An interactive roadmap is under construction and will be available on shortly. The idea behind is to have a transparent environment where the community has some insight in developments and can swiftly check the overall status or just the status for an individual task.

As usual, there will be shared more information with the Pioneers as we progress ahead. To become a Pioneer, simply join our Discord and verify your wallet (holding at least 1 land plot) and you’ll automatically gain access to the Pioneer-channels.

Pioneer Backend

In the Pioneer backend, Pioneers are now able to see land plot information added from other Pioneers. You’ll find updated plots in the filter. Land plots will be complimented with the possibility of adding POIs (Places of Interest), as well as the possibility for businesses to onboard the system directly and put out offers to attract people to their off- & online stores.

Web3 Berlin

“Join the Web3 community at Web3 Berlin 10–11 June, the leading annual conference for those passionate about the future of the web3 ecosystem.

A memorable event which focuses on inclusivity, networking, education and onboarding to Web3 space.

Explore cutting-edge trends, engage with expert speakers, and network with industry professionals.”

We’re attending with speaker spot (Robin Hellmann, Ass. Dir) and booth (Björn Heinze, CEO).

More information on

Community Call

May’s Community Call was filled with good discussions over several hours. Feedback from the community is more important than ever and we couldn’t be more thankful to those who brought us here.

For those Pioneers that didn’t have the possibility to catch the last Community Call, a recording is available in the Pioneer channel on Discord.

Next Community Call will take place in our Discord, 15th of June at 7 PM UTC.

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