Progress Update for March 2023

2 min readMar 28, 2023



Add your community today!

Communities have been added to the Smart Places map, with the ability to display project information, images, links, and socials. Until now there has only been three partners added for test reasons, as we’ve been finalizing the system to add, approve and edit submissions. The solution is now integrated and live and open for submission. Make your project visible for onboarding WEB2-users and get early access to new features by adding your project today!

The best part is that communities will be fully integrated with mobile devices and visible on both desktop and mobile app versions. Onboarding WEB2 users can learn more about WEB3 projects and join their desired communities to be kept up to date with their favorite projects — as well as interacting with other community or team members.

User system

In the next weeks, the entire development team (font-end, UI/UX and backend) will be focusing on finalizing the user system. This doesn’t just let us enable the voting system, but also enabling incentives for Pioneers that wants to add content to other land plots, both vacant and occupied. If the land plot already have a description, you can still suggest an edit and it is up to the land plot owner to decide. The user system will allow Pioneers to enable their mobile app user from the backend to get the Pioneer role. Pioneers can also create an account through the app and have the accounts separated.

Pioneer Backend
As soon as the user system is finalized, we’re enabling content added by other pioneers as well as the possibility for Pioneers to add POI (Point of Interest) to the map.

Educational information

We’re collaborating with the Cardano Foundation to create educational content around non-custodial/custodial wallets, decentralization, and more for new users. This content will provide valuable information for users looking to join the growing WEB3-communities.










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