Progress Update for February 2023

2 min readMar 17, 2023


The progress update for February 2023 has been released, albeit with a slight delay. The team is growing with the addition of three new developers, including a technical team lead. This expansion will aid in task management among the developers, resulting in a more precise roadmap and better planning for marketing campaigns. However, it is not feasible to launch the public app at the end of the month due to the need for further planning and developments. The team intends to have a certain number of use cases available at the app launch, and some integrations require more time as not all providers have sufficient API for our specific use case that require geotags.

Brand Identity

The design team has created brand guidelines that outline how to use the logo, font, colors, and symbols for the Smart Places map. These guidelines have been incorporated into the map, and the website is next to receive a content update in accordance with the new brand guidelines.

Pioneer Backend

The Smart Places map and backend have undergone updates that conform to the new brand guidelines. The team is preparing for the next update that will include various new features. In the next update, Pioneers will be able to view all the information added by other Pioneers, suggest edits or use the information as inspiration. Pioneers can also add information to vacant land plots. Additionally, a Point of Interest (POI) system is being implemented, allowing Pioneers to add POIs to the map.

Although the update will take longer to implement due to the need to establish a user system to reward task completion, the improvements will raise the backend to a new level.

Community Integration (community plots)

Communities have been added to the Smart Places map, with the ability to display project information, images, links, and socials. Currently, only three partners are displayed as the team is still developing the system for signing up projects/communities.

Next week the sign-up form will go live and new projects will be visible on the map. This is just the start for communities on Smart Places. The next update will include Twitter feeds, Discord announcements, a chat system and full mobile integration.









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