Progress Update for April 2023

3 min readMay 3, 2023


April was a busy month. We had our first monthly community call, added proposals to the Pioneer backend, integrated ADA Handle and started on the technical roadmap together with the new additions to the dev team.
The developers are now scaling our solution, to make sure all parts of the ecosystem are fit to handle high traffic before we launch the first version of the mobile application.


Proposals have been added to the Pioneer backend. Pioneers and team members are now able to create and vote for proposals.

You can now head over to Proposals and create your own proposals or vote for others. A proposal is open for 7 days and you’re free to change your vote as long as the proposal is open. Once a proposal is created, it can’t be edited or removed. Team members are not allowed to vote.

Community Call

Last week we also had our first monthly Community Call for Pioneers. This was hosted in our Discord. Since there was over 70 pre-added questions, our first Community Call turned into a 2-hours long AMA. We feel blessed to have such an engaged community and looking forward to deliver in the coming months!

There will be a full walkthrough of the AMA in our Discord as well as a public summary before the next Community Call.
Going forward, we’re making the Community Calls a monthly event where we start off by going through all pre-added questions, talks about proposals, strategies and topics that interest the Pioneers and the rest of the community. Exact time and date for the next Community Call will be announced shortly, but will be in the middle of May.

Ada Handle

We’ve integrated Ada Handle! After you’ve logged in, click on your wallet connector and choose from available handles in your wallet. To change your ADA handle, simply repeat the process and choose another or choose “none” to remove your handle. If you’ve chosen a handle, this will also be used as your username while creating proposals or using the upcoming chat system.

Roadmap & Technical updates

In our next monthly update, we will release a detailed roadmap with dates including new features, app launch, TGE etc. This includes technical information on what the developers are working on and in what environment. The monthly progress update will include a summary of last months progress and achievements from a technical point of view.

Add a project

Add your project today!

Be visible for onboarding WEB2-users by describing your project with a description, images, links, and socials. With this summers update, we’re adding login credentials, so projects are able to edit and manage their information. Projects that is added before this update, will have early-access to new features and other incentives. The project will be pinned on a chosen location and will also be visible for onboarding app users.

Get ready to grow your community as we approach a new era of socializing!

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