Progress update, December 2022

3 min readDec 27, 2022


First of all: Merry Christmas and happy new year (soon)!
A warm thanks to the community for the great support we’ve received in 2022.

December has been a busy month with progress on several areas and we’re happy to show some finalized images of the mobile application and the Pioneer backend. This will be added behind wallet connectors on and is expected to be live in the beginning of January.

The mobile application is now running on team members devices as we go through the first stages of bug fixing and iterations. After this, an alpha version of the application will be available in the Pioneer backend for testing and feedback.


These images shows the Geo feed with map view, events and local businesses. Informational video that explain the applications features will be available in January. After a few iterations on the first videos, it is not close to completed will also be released in January.

Pioneer backend

The Pioneer backend is where Smart Places Pioneers (Smart Plot holders) will manage their land plots. From here you will be able to add area description, tags, activate Smart chat, add moderators, invites (both user and business invites) and more!

The first version will be available in the beginning of January, but will be improved with new functions and features based on feedback from Pioneers and users.







Pioneer program:




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