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When it comes to the metaverse there are many opinions and speculations in the world.

But nobody really knows what the Metaverse brings to us humans in detail. Facebook has ideas, other companies as well. They surely develop solutions that will make things possible we can’t even imagine today. But even if there are so many things unclear, one aspect already seems to be clear:

In the metaverse everything will be virtual. And therefore it also will be full of virtual users. In the future Metaverse, every user will be able to take on any avatar identity. People will be able to choose any identity they want.

This offers opportunities. But it also creates problems.

[The Identity Problem:]

In the Metaverse everything will be virtual. But the users behind the desktop are still humans.

And as the metaverse mirrors reality there will be situations where we NEED to know or WANT to know about other users. Because humans often need information before they make any decision. They main question is:

Whom can we trust if everything in the Metaverse is virtual?

How can we distinguish between real users and AIs, between humans and machines? We all know how fast technology is developing. Already today it’s nearly impossible to distinguish for example between the voice of an AI and that of a human.

Typical questions from users will be:

Is this guy I’m chatting with real or a machine? If it’s not real, I don’t want to waste my time and don’t want to deliver information about me.

Does this person look like it’s avatar or who is behind that? Is this person trustful?

Questions like this will arise as more and more of our daily life will be transferred into the Metaverse.

That’s why we think: The Metaverse will have a trust problem!

Questions regarding identity and trust are not only important for humans and users. It also matters for the business, for example service providers. No business wants to spend money on advertisements which target bots or AI. No company promotes its brand for non-human users. We already see this outside the Metaverse. Advertisement activities, for example in Instagram, are usually based on KPIs like Costs-per-Click (CPC), conversion rates, impressions etc. Even today it’s crucial for the business to not waste money and effort for bots or non-existing users. These problems might increase in the Metaverse as it has even less relation to the real world.

We think: Without trust there will be no business!


Smart Places Protocol presents a game-changer for the Metaverse.

We provide a game changing identity label, which is called ‘SMARTEE ID’. Technically it will be based on a NFT-format. With that we create the identity standard for the future metaverse!

Users that possess our identity label are verified to be “real people”. This is directly visible to other users of the Metaverse. So if users in the Metaverse see that other users have our identity label, they can be sure about the fact that this user is a real person. Based on that identity standard, both users and companies such as service providers are enabled to make decisions.

“I trust this user. That’s why I share photos or further information about me with him.”

“I trust this user that’s why I make business with her.”

“This user might be an AI or a bot, it makes no sense to waste time with it.”

In further steps, our identity label will also deliver information about the trust-level of a user.

So how do users get this identity label?

In a nutshell: Users can receive this identity label for social interactions in real-life. What is a better proof for being a real or trustful person than activities with other real persons? Interactions between humans are probably the surest and at the same time easiest way of finding out whether someone exists or not, whether he/she is trustful or not. As more and deeper social activities with other humans in real life occur, the more proof for identity and trust is given. So users have to do a kind of “work” in the real world to earn our identity label in order to have a higher reputation and more trust of other users in the Metaverse.

Got excited? Please stay tuned for more details in the upcoming posts!

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